Democracy Dies in Darkness


Democrats are heavily relying on emotion, and?Trump lawyer Bruce Castor began with an odd opening.
Warning: Contains strong language and violence.
See all of the evidence presented and the briefs filed in the impeachment trial so far.
(Video: The Post; photo: Bloomberg News)
The Maryland congressman, whose son died by suicide days before the Capitol breach, delivered an emotional argument in favor of the impeachment trial.
Photo: Brian Monroe/The Washington Post
What we know about the latest coronavirus variants
Some experts fear vaccines may be less effective against strains of the coronavirus that were first found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil.
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It’s hard to imagine that a? State of the Union address to Congress can take place in?February as it normally would.
Claudia Tenney (R) will return to Congress after defeating Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) in New York by 109 votes. (AP)
While the GOP lost the presidential race and control of the Senate, we very nearly had a much different outcome.
The latest comments from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) come less than a week after her social media activity led to her removal from two House committees.
It’s an early test of the new administration’s opioid strategy.
This is where Democrats and Republicans in the Senate stand on convicting Donald Trump.?
Follow the president’s progress in filling hundreds of positions.
?The latest figure was a third lower than the number of births recorded in 2019 — already the country’s lowest since the early 1960s, when China was in the middle of a famine. Yet, residents were not surprised by the data.
When the United States normalized relations with Vietnam in 1995, approximately nobody would have anticipated a sitting U.S. ambassador earnestly rapping to an unsuspecting Vietnamese audience.
Min Aung Hlaing’s refusal to compromise raises the likelihood of a wider crackdown.
A woman allegedly sent photos of the intended victim to the administrator of a contract-murder website and wrote that the man “needs to be killed.” Three reporters stumbled across the exchange while investigating the site, according to court records.
Officials acknowledge the effort is complicated by the Pentagon’s lack of clarity on the extent of the threat following the U.S. Capitol riot.
A midweek slop of snow and ice is set to plaster regions stretching from Arkansas and Tennessee all the way to Boston during the next few days.
Kansas City police say it could take several weeks to determine whether Reid, a Chiefs assistant coach and son of head coach Andy Reid, faces criminal charges. He told police he'd been drinking alcohol.
The union’s vote — and the city’s subsequent withdrawal of its request — brought a momentary calm to tensions between the two groups, although significant disagreements over coronavirus safety protocols remain.
As much as half a foot of snow may fall during the course of three days.
(John Kelly/The Post)
“Men of Change” highlights African Americans and the contributions they’ve made.
Months after George Floyd’s death sparked a national push to overhaul policing, Maryland lawmakers are launching an effort to drop its Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights.
For years, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has spent one day a week, at Blue Origin, the space company he founded in 2000. Many in the space community hope that soon he will be spending more time at the company.
An estimated 33 million American households are eligible to obtain federal aid under the program known as Lifeline. But few do, thanks to poor service and years of government mismanagement and neglect.
(ARHT Media/Imverse)
Some companies are envisioning a future where people can collaborate in more interactive and engaging ways, whether they’re on-site or at home. One novel approach is to use 3-D holograms.
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A lawsuit filed by a former executive assistant at Riot accuses Laurent of creating a hostile work environment.?
The coach was more substance than style, and teams often didn't realize how good he was until after he was gone.
The 41-year-old NBA star, his daughter and seven others were killed when the helicopter plunged into a Los Angeles County hillside last year.
Washington's next scheduled game is Sunday against the Penguins at Pittsburgh.
UC Riverside men's head coach Mike Magpayo and Georgetown women's assistant Steve Yang have taken the lead in promoting opportunity and advancement for Asian colleagues.
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